EP89: Austrian Econ, Bitcoin and Living Free w/ Naomi Brockwell

Bitcoin and Austrian Economics go hand in hand with living a free life.

I recently chatted with Naomi Brockwell about all things crypto, money, banking, Austrian economics, bailouts, roads, Ron Paul and living locally in New Hampshire (the Live Free or Die state).

The nerdiness of this episode will not disappoint you. Naomi can talk the talk and walk the walk, which I appreciate. Trust me, this episode is both informative and entertaining.


Naomi’s Bio:

Naomi Brockwell is a film and television producer, and creator of NBTV and is currently producing for Stossel and formerly produced for Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel.

She was also the producer for the 2015 feature documentary Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It (Best International Documentary, Anthem Film Festival; Winner of Special Jury Prize, Amsterdam Film Festival), Audition (Best documentary, Lone Star Film Festival) and the Lionsgate thriller, Subconscious.

She emcees some of the biggest blockchain events in the world, and is co-author of the children's book "Billy's Bitcoin".

Podcast Resources:

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