EP76: Tax Tips for Digital Nomads w/ Bobby Casey

Today’s guest is Bobby Casey from GlobalWealthProtection.com. He’s one of those guys who has figured out the tax system for digital nomads; including us Americans.

Growing up in a household full of accountants, Bobby has been around taxes, using corporate structures and the offshore financial world his entire life. Are you confused and maybe frustrated with trying to figure out how to best structure your various business and incomes to best protect the money you’ve voluntarily earned? When should you choose an LLC vs a S-corp or maybe file your LLC as an S-corp.

This episode is a must listen for those who have decided to travel the world and work online.

Pay your taxes. Just learn the system and take your legal credits and refunds. Living as a Digital Nomad has tons of benefits and the government will subsidise your living abroad if you learn the rules.

Build Freedom,