EP72: Protect Yourself from Identity Theft with Blockchain Keys using SelfKey.org

 How confident are you in knowing that your digital identity is safe? Equifax was recently hacked and driver’s licenses, social security numbers, addresses and more were stolen. Yahoo just came out and said that every customer account (>3 BILLION) was compromised in 2013. Think about that…

Today’s guest is Edmund John Lowell, Founder of SelfKey.org, a blockchain based Digital Identity management platform built on Ethereum. Your information is precious and it’s about time that we utilize blockchain technology to secure it; that’s exactly what Edmund is doing.

SelfKey.org is basically a Digital Identity Management wallet that plugs you into an entire ecosystem where you can more easily and quickly manage your financial and digital life. Once confirmed, access services such as:

  1. Open bank accounts
  2. Apply for residency in foreign countries
  3. Incorporate offshore
  4. Buy physical Gold and Silver
  5. Apply for a 2nd passport
  6. Setup multiple cryptocurrency exchange accounts
  7. ...and more

Don’t miss the part towards the end where we discuss ICO’s and some of the common pitfalls in ICO investing. Be careful out there.

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