EP68: Website Investing and the Rhodium Community w/ Chris Yates

The Rhodium Community is a very small, but highly engaged and connected community of digital entrepreneurs. The idea is quality over quantity and their invite-only, yearly conference “Rhodium Weekend” only has ~100 tickets available.

I was fortunate enough to receive an invite to Rhodium Weekend 2016 and to put it bluntly it changed the focus for this podcast and helped me identify a need in the market which eventually lead to the decision to quit my day job and pursue my own passions and business full time.  You could say it was life-changing.  

If you keep up with Liberty Entrepreneurs then you know that I’m interested in cultivating my own community of digital entrepreneurs and hopefully host a conference in 2018.  Chris’ experience and feedback in both of these areas as well as his experience being a successful digital entrepreneur has gained my respect.  I just had to have him on the show to tell us his story and how he’s found more freedom in his personal life because of entrepreneurship.  

Thanks again for tuning in!

Build Freedom,


Contact Info:

Website: www.ChrisYates.org

Rhodium Weekend Conference: www.RhodiumWeekend.com

Chris’ business: https://centurica.com/