EP67: The Early Days of the FINCON Financial Conference w/ PT Money

Our digital communities and lives are too decentralized. Create, build and organize an "in real life" conference to foster a sense of community and togetherness beyond the computer screen.

My guest today to Philip Taylor (aka PT Money).  PT has a CPA background and grew up with a CPA father, so from an early age he was interested in money and finance.

Back in the early 2000’s, PT started blogging about his own personal finance which was very uncommon. To protect his identity online, which was the norm back then) he went by the alias “PT Money”. He felt that in order to share his personal finance number, and be honest with them, he needed an alias.  Bam!  www.PTMoney.com was born.  Now he was a full time financial blogger, but he started to find that even that wasn’t enough.  

Early Days of Personal Finance Blogger

Back in 2004, blogging was still very young and sharing your personal finance with strangers on the internet was even more rare.  Before long, PT became an authority in the space and decided that creating a conference would be a great way to bridge his online community in real life.  In 2012, the FINCON conference was built for “financial geeks”.

PT fills us in on the importance of creating high-value content and why associating your real world identity has now become the norm.  

FINCON Conference

Since we live in the age of digital communities, we often miss out on the real life interactions with others.  Networking has changed in the past 10 years, but nothing can replace eye contact and a firm handshake in person.  

I attended FINCON16 in San Diego and the energy and community is amazing. Definitely a unique and energetic buzz the entire time.

Don’t miss when PT describes and details exactly what it takes to create a conference and the various lessons he learned along the way. FINCON is currently in their 7th year with attendance >1500 ppl.  

FINCON 2017 is in Dallas and I will not be attending (more details soon), but if you go please tell PT what’s up for me.  

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Contact Info:

Philip Taylor (PT Money)

Email: PT@finconexpo.com
Website: www.finconexpo.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FinCon
Conference Consulting Company: http://www.helmsbriscoe.com/