EP66: How Artists and Musicians Benefit from Cryptocurrencies w/ Tatiana Moroz

Artists still don’t retain much control over their music and art and remain at the wishes of the music labels. Integrate cryptocurrencies to empower the artists to interact and engage DIRECTLY with their audience, supporters and fans.

Tatiana has loved music her whole life and deeply influenced by singers/songwriters of the 60’s and 70’s.  She didn’t know it then, but their message of freedom and individualism really struck to her core.  Later she read classic novels like 1984 and Animal Farm and kept building this mindset.  In 2012, Tatiana learned the truth about the Federal Reserve and a lot of stuff started to make sense.  During the 2012 election, she made sense of what Ron Paul was fighting for and started creating music around the movement.

While hanging out and learning from the “liberty movement” Tatiana found Bitcoin and something struck her; as a musician she quickly saw a great opportunity for her and her artistic peers to take control over their music and appeal directly to their fanbases.  No more seeking permission from a big record label for the type of music to create or album art.  


So you might be asking...why cryptocurrencies?  Good question. Tatiana and I discuss how cryptocurrencies will change crowd-sales forever since you are offered a token in exchange.  Basically you are sent a crypto-token as a provable receipt for the transaction.  Rather than just a “thank you for donating”, you have an actual token that can then be used to purchase the artist’s merchandise or maybe even give to a few friends so that they can download the single (or whole album) for free.  If you collect enough artist-coins, then you might get a backstage pass, etc.  Tatiana plans to have an entire online store where she’ll accept her token, Tatianacoin, as payment.  Now she can get our music and art out to the public while retaining full control over the experience.  

Ross Ulbricht

Towards the end of the interview, we chat about Ross Ulbricht, the “alleged” mastermind behind the Silk Road.  I’ve met Ross’ mother Lyn Ulbricht and she’s simply wonderful (and a client of https://www.LibertyVAs.com).  Ross drew a picture of Tatiana (see below) which she chose to use as her album art.  If a large record company was in charge of the distribution of her new EP, Keep The Faith, then she wouldn’t have been allowed to use the art of a felon. Well, she doesn't need their guidance or controls.

Build Freedom,


Contact Info:

Website: www.TatianaCoin.com
Twitter: QueenTatiana
Podcast: The Tatiana Show - https://liberty.me/podcast/tatiana-show/

**Tatiana’s new EP “Keep The Faith” will be available on March 31st!** www.TatianaCoin.com