EP65: How the Market-based App DonorSee Helps Poor Families Worldwide w/ Gret Glyer

Over 50% of the world’s population lives on less than $5/day. Governments can’t possibly take care of the hungry and poor.  With the money the gov doesn’t steal from us, we donate to various charities, but they are very inefficient and waste the donated money.  Instead of going towards the cause which we donate for, the funds go into the hands of politicians and “well-connected” individuals.  #notcool

DonorSee’s Solution:  Build an smartphone app that competes with the major charities, but give a better user experience, much higher % payout to the cause and more instant gratification with a community vibe.

While living in Africa, Gret Glyer saw a huge problem.  Extreme poverty was a way of life and the current charity model simply wasn’t working.  He had an idea, instead of joining the Red Cross and try to fix it from within, Gret decided to develop an app which allowed volunteers (such as himself) more easily raise money to fund their humanitarian projects.  He calls it DonorSee.  

He was dedicated to creating a new type of charity that didn’t pad the pockets of the government and their friends (like the Clinton Foundation) but instead would give the majority of the proceeds to those in need.  

The difference with DonorSee is that it’s basically based on the Uber model of crowdsourcing and the sharing economy which leads to more transparency rather than giving to some huge, monolithic organization where funds tend to get “lost”.  

Think about the following use-case:

You’re living in a place where people need financial assistance.  Log in to the DonorSee app to help raise $ for a very detailed caused which YOU think needs attention.  Take pictures and videos to show post them to the app and let the world decide if you cause deserves funding based on what you are looking to accomplish.  

Gret says it’s easier to post a project (and image) on DonorDee than it is on instagram.  **I haven’t currently used the app, but I’ll report back once I do**

There’s an obvious problem here...how do you know that someone is legitimate and “raising money for a mule” isn’t actually “send me money for beer”.  Gret has already thought of this and added a reputation system (like Uber) to the app.  If you have a good or bad experience, then report it directly in the app.  Also, if you aren’t sure what cause to donate to, you can choose one of the “staff picks” which are even more pre-vetted.  #problemsolved

DonorSee is already available and Gret has raised >$25k using it to help people directly.  You can easily find him as a user after installing the app.  

You don’t want to miss the conversation towards the end where we chat about the Clinton Foundation and how the Liberty Community has come out strong for the cause.

Bitcoin and Blockchain?

Blockchain tech not currently being used in DonorSee, but if YOU see an opportunity that Gret is missing, leave a comment on our Facebook and/or Twitter feeds (links below)!

Gret’s Advice

It’s never been easier to get your ideas out on the internet, but know that you need to work really hard to get people’s attention.  There’s a lot of competition out there, but also plenty of social problems to solve.

Build Freedom,

Gret Glyer’s Contact Info:

Email: gret@donorsee.com
Website: https://donorsee.com
Gret’s Twitter - https://twitter.com/gretglyer
DonorSee Twitter - https://twitter.com/DonorSee