EP62: Can Bitcoin Change Social Media Forever? w/ Ryan X Charles of Yours.org

Today’s guest is Ryan X. Charles, CEO and co-founder of Yours.org, a Bitcoin-powered social media platform which rewards content creators with cryptocurrency payments.

What you are going to learn in this episode:

  • Why the current model for monetizing social media is broken and Bitcoin may be the answer
  • What are “micropayments” and why they might just be the next “big thang”
  • How Yours.org is different than Facebook, Reddit and Steemit.com
  • How AI bots will integrate into and improve our everyday life (and how they can pay for themselves)

The Problem: Content creators are curating high-quality content on social media, but have little ability to monetize it.

Yours.org’s Solution: Build a social media platform on the Bitcoin network which also includes a digital currency economy and payment system. By using micropayments, community members can reward content creators with small Bitcoin donations which are free and fast to send. Content creators are allowed to offer a donation-only or paywall revenue model.

Build Freedom,

Favorite Quotes:

"If you work for someone else, you're going to live your life working for money."

“When you are building a business, you are building an asset that creates value for the world.”

"You don't want to have a job to earn money just to spend it all on your house and car. You want to OWN assets that create cash flow for you."

Contact Info

Website: www.RyanXCharles.com
Twitter: @RyanXCharles
Yours.org: www.yours.org

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Yours.org competitors

www.Reddit.com - traditional, non-economic social media platform. No digital token or blockchain used.
www.Steemit.com - blockchain based social media platform; runs on it’s own blockchain

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