EP60: How Crowdfunding can Solve your Cash Flow Pinch w/ Sean De Clercq

Retailers currently offer difficult terms and expensive financing costs when funding inventory for smaller businesses.  Payments are made 30-60 days after inventory is delivered which slows down the entire supply chain and makes small businesses less efficient and profitable.

What you are going to learn in this episode:

  1. Why traditional inventory finance is so inefficient
  2. How crowdfunding can solve delays throughout your supply-chain
  3. What’s the difference between Kickstarter and Kickfurther

How Kickfurther solves the problem:  On their online platform, individuals (like you and I) are able to choose which companies we want to invest in and who we want to purchase inventory for.  We then OWN this inventory and when it sales, we get a return on our investment.

Kickstarter vs Kickfurther

Kickstart is a “pre-order aggregator” and is used to fund ideas.  People will pay you upfront for future delivers.  Most of these companies are not actually cash-flow positive and are in the market research phase.  

With Kickfurther, you are not taking deliver of the physical products (as you are in Kickstarter) instead you are funding an established company’s inventory.  This shortens the timeframe of financing the inventory, helps the business sell more product and gives you an ROI on your investment.  

Kickfurther removes the middleman and takes the banks and large lenders out of the equation and instead connects businesses and smaller investors.  

 Launched Jan 2015 and currently has >10,000 users which ~25% are active investors.  Most members are buyers since the companies they are investing in and buying the inventory for have established sales channels, but you are welcome to take delivery and sell the inventory on your own (not recommended).  

Sean’s Advice:  “Keep answering your customer’s emails for as long as possible because there’s nothing better than direct feedback from your customers.”

Build Freedom,

Contact Info:

Website:  https://www.kickfurther.com
Email:  contact@kickfurther.com