EP55: Refocusing the Mission and Value of Liberty Entrepreneurs

I just returned from an amazing conference, the Rhodium Weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It’s geared towards a small, but active community of digital entrepreneurs who specialize in cash flowing websites.  It really changed my perspective on things.  

Conference website: http://rhodiumweekend.com

From now own, I will concentrate on Digital Entrepreneurship rather than Entrepreneurship in general.  That’s not saying that brick-n-mortar companies can’t be wildly successful and create the lifestyle that you want.  It’s just not my focus and I give the reasons in the podcast.

If you’ve been keeping up you’ll know that I interviewed Trevor Koverko in Episode #32 on the topic of buying and selling websites.  You’re welcome to check it out here: Episode 32

It’s a bit Internet out there and I met people building and running all of the following online businesses:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Review sites
  • Authority sites
  • AMZN FBA sites
  • Podcasts
  • Community membership and mastermind groups
  • Premium Subscription-Based Websites
  • Dropship and Self-fulfilled e-Commerce
  • SaaS Businesses

The community is excited, energetic, passionate, intelligent, humble (most of them) and very helpful.  A common theme was that many got started because they wanted to “Escape the Cubicle” and live a more free life.  To do this, many created their own online companies or bought one to manage and run.  

I learned that it takes a LOT to run an online company and anyone looking for an overnight success can fuhgeddaboudit.  

Standard skills involve:

  • SEO
  • Systems and workflows
  • Marketing
  • Automation
  • Lead generation
  • Managing an email marketing list and drip campaign
  • Webinars
  • Community engagement
  • Social media management (finding right platforms)
  • ...and so much more

Needless to say, there’s a lot to build but we can create communities of like-minded people to help us becoming successful.  

Part 2: Niching Down to Refocus on Helping People who are Passionate about Liberty

Wanted to be a podcast that anyone could listen to b/c you don’t HAVE to be a libertarian to reap the benefits...but it was too broad.  I needed to niche down and find who SPECIFICALLY I would speak to.  Whose language did I speak?  Do I speak your language?

Mises, Rothbard, Hayek, Lew Rockwell, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul...I’ve watched more Tom Woods, Bob Murphy and Thomas D. Lorenzo presentations than I can count.  

I was at the original Tea Party even where Ron Paul raised $6M in one night.  

I helped fund the blimp.

I can remember the passion and energy of finally understanding the “Free Market” and how every peaceful exchange is win/win.  

Why Gold and Silver (and now Bitcoin) are money and why fiat always fails and the role of the Federal Reserve in destroying our wealth and keeping the poor down and middle class struggling.  

All of this, while it made me smarter, a better debater and more clear headed...it didn’t make me more FREE.  I was actually bogged down with all this history and economic knowledge that I had accumulated and it caused me to live very externally.  Constantly wondering how I can bring freedom to a LARGE scale rather than personally in my own life.  I was concentrated on things which I had no control over..  All of this was interesting, but I eventually found it fruitless.  What’s the point?  I became angry and wanted to build my bunker and load up on ammo.  Feeling secluded from the world wasn’t freedom...I was running away.  

It wasn’t until I took a chance...a real chance.  I was working as an Product Engineer in Raleigh, NC and heard on Schiff Radio that Peter Schiff was building a bank in the Caribbean and was looking for young, energetic people to be salesmen.  It was a commission-only position, but I could work for one of my role models at the time.  Being tired of my 9-6 cube job, I decided to jump on the opportunity and sold all of my stuff, said goodbye to my friends and family and quit my cushy $75k/year job to move to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  I had never worked in a Sales role before and had no experience in commission-only.  I was confident about one thing, my knowledge and ability to communicate the value of diversifying currencies, planting flags outside of your home country, why Gold and Silver should be in every portfolio and why we were building a 100% reserve, no loan bank.  

There was just one thing...the bank was truly a startup and I needed to do a lot more than just sell.  This was 2012 and when I became an entrepreneur.  

Through building Euro Pacific Bank, it became obvious to me that being an Entrepreneur had created much more freedom in my own life than any Mises book, Lew Rockwell article or Tom Woods presentation.  That’s not taking anything away from these guys.  They are scholars and have done a great job in progressing a peaceful mindset.  They helped me recognize how the Marketplace is almost always mutually beneficial and is the engine of wealth, prosperity and the solution to social problems.  The thing that I experienced was that it finally went from theory-land to reality when I became an Entrepreneur and started putting my knowledge in to action.  

I created Liberty Entrepreneurs to help spread this perspective.  I want my peers, who are passionate about liberty, but are still stuck in the shenanigans of politics or the “angry anarchist” phase to see that there’s another side.  A side of peace, joy, networking, creativity, wealth creation and solving social problems.  We always hear that the “Free Market” is the answer to our problems, but it’s too vague and without a face.  YOU are the Free Market.  You are the Entrepreneur; the Engineer of the Marketplace.  You figure out how to build and create in order to solve the pains and desires of your peers.  If you don’t build and create, how can you expect anyone else to?

This podcast is for you.  This podcast is a journey and a challenge.  It helps us hold each other accountable for the things we say matters to us, but we instead sit around and complain.  Look, I get it.  I’ve been there.  I appreciated a round of State-hate like anyone else that recognizes what’s going on and the tough situation the government has put us in.  We can’t feel sorry for ourselves and dwell, but instead let’s BUILD!  Let’s actually create the world we want to live in.   Compete with the State’s services and compete and help each other become successful.  

We are an army, a peaceful army, of people who want to make the world better...and we can do it.  What are you passionate about?  What knowledge can you share with the rest of us?  Who can you connect us with?  How can I help you?  What do you need to become more successful and free?  

This is the Liberty Entrepreneurs Podcast and my goal is to help people passionate about liberty build their own free and flexible lifestyle  by becoming a Digital Entrepreneur.  If you share this mindset, then let me know.  I’m raising the yellow and black flag.  My vibe will attract my tribe.  Let’s go, we have a lot to BUILD!

Build Freedom,