EP52: What I Learned at the FINCON 2016 Conference

I’m back after an incredible trip to San Diego to attend and speak at the FINCON 2016 financial conference.  This episode is a recap of my experiences as well as tips on how to speak to and connect with “mainstream” financial people (bloggers, podcasters, authors, etc) on why they should care about Bitcoin.  

I came away impressed with the number of people who had heard of Bitcoin, but unfortunately most people either didn’t know what it was or still thought that you just buy drugs with it.  

In this episode I cover the following:

  • Bitcoin as an opt-in/opt-out economy
  • How Bitcoin is a protocol layer in the internet similar to Email or HTTP
  • The “moral argument” for Bitcoin and how it can help the “unbanked” population
  • How Bitcoin is grassroots and how it MOST helps the poor
  • Why Bitcoin can be used to protect from inflation
  • Why government bonds are a terrible investment
  • Current thoughts on the College Debt Bubble and “subprime” college loans

...and much more

Don’t worry, next week will go back to the normal interview format, but I just had to share my experience of FINCON with you.  

Build Freedom,


Full FINCON slide deck used for presentation: