EP47: Mastermind Groups - The Secret Key to Success with Aaron Walker

My guest today is Aaron Walker, serial entrepreneur, life coach and owner of www.ViewFromTheTop.com.  Aaron has started 8 businesses and now organizes Mastermind groups to help other entrepreneurs become more accountable, build their network and create a community of peers and trusted advisors.

Aaron believes that the most important aspect of becoming successful is to build relationships where you can create a safe environment and become vulnerable and honest about when and where you need help.  

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Your “Network is your net worth”
  • Why every entrepreneur should take a serious look at joining a Mastermind group.
  • How Aaron’s life changed after accidently killing a pedestrian
  • His perspective on why personal relationships, built on trust and vulnerability, are essential to being successful
  • Why “purposeful action” is often the missing key to finding happiness

Although he had already built and sold several multi-million businesses, he wasn’t happy and had turned a bit complacent.  After a lot of introspection, Aaron found that he was no longer living purposefully and decided it was time to build a new business, this time focused on purposeful action.  

Aaron created www.ViewFromTheTop.com where he oranizes and hosts Mastermind Groups.  If you aren’t familiar with what a Mastermind Group is, this interview is for you.  I haven’t personally joined a Mastermind Group yet, but it’s on the top of my priority list.  

Strength starts by admitting your weakness, faults and areas that you need help in.  When we keep that veil up and we don't’ want others to know that we are struggling in certain areas, what happens is that we don’t get better.  You are a fake.”  -Aaron Walker

Aaron ends the interview discussing how and why he decided to turn his life from success to significance and what type of legacy he wants to leave behind.  His experience has lead him to one main conclusion, the most important things in life are the relationships that you cultivate along the way.  Everything else is just details.  

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I highly recommend spending 20 minutes to watch this TED Talk by Brene Brown.

The Power of Vulnerability | Brene Brown | TED Talks



Contact Info and Resources:  

Website: www.viewfromthetop.com/liberty

Twitter: @vftcoach

Aaron’s 3 Free Guides - www.viewfromthetop.com/liberty

  1. 25 Questions to get the life you want
  2. Steps to a Productive Day - To do list on steroids to help you become more productive.
  3. Free Personal Assessment

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