EP39: Kemi Egan - From Homeless to Owning $1M Homes

My guest today is Kemi Egan, a UK Real Estate Entrepreneur, and she has a very interesting story.

She had a successful career as a Physical Therapist, making 6 figures per year, but then the Great Recession happened and both her clients and insurance companies stopped paying and she went out of business.  Unfortunately, she didn’t budget and invest correctly and became “flat on her back” broke nearly overnight.  

From Homeless to Owning $1M Homes

Kemi spend the next 10 months couch-surfing and trying to figure out her next step.  Every week that went by, her debts kept piling up and she started maxing out credit cards.  She didn’t even have enough money to file for bankruptcy (seriously, you have to pay to file for bankruptcy).  Kemi decided to move into her 60 sqft office space and begin scouring the Internet for “how to make money online”.

Continuing to learn and network, she found herself in a seminar (a free one) which would prove to be life-changing for her; Kemi decided to become a real-estate Entrepreneur.  

Although financially broke, she had free-time, passion and a serious work ethic fueled by a sense of desperation.  She was able to find partnerships which would cover 100% of the cash required and she would do all the work to rent apartments and houses in the UK.  This proved to be a very good decision.  

We also discuss her #1 International Bestseller, The Power of Real Estate Investing, and we get a sneak peek on strategies she’s used to build a career of cash-flowing real-estate including how the Airbnb economy has opened up a new and very interesting trend for rental owners.  

Make Money Renting Other’s Apartments

There’s a new trend in the rental market.  I won’t spoil the interview, but it involves approaching apartment owners who are looking to rent out their space and offering them a deal where you cover the rent PLUS manage the property.  You know, mowing the grass, fixing the appliances and keeping renters in to cover the mortgage.  For example, if the owner is looking for $7000/mo in rent, but Kemi can manage it on Airbnb for $70/might.  She only needs to rent it out 10 days each month to pay the owner and she gets to keep the rest. This is how her lifestyle of Freedom and Flexibility was created.  

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