EP34: Dmitry Murashchik - How to Create a Profitable Bitcoin Wallet

After the “dot com” bust in early 2000’s, Dimtry found it difficult to find a computer science (programming) job.  He went back to school and found a passion for finance and economics.  

After some time working as a financial analysis and consultant, his passion turned to Bitcoin.  Now, with a background in computer science and finance, crypto-currencies made a lot of sense, both as a technology and as money.  

The way Dimtry got his start was by hanging out on Reddit.com (/r/Bitcoin) where he gained a reputation of honesty, technical know-how and financial expertise.  When the Bitcoin wallet company, Mycelium, needed to hire talent, they reached out directly and hired Dimtry very quickly.  Yes, he was hired because of his high quality Reddit posts.  Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re wasting time on Internet news and discussion forums!  

Although Dimtry joined incredible Bitcoin company, he was hired as a “Brand Manager”.  Basically he was in charge of building the brand and doing PR work (posting on social media, Reddit, etc).  While this was rewarding, Dimtry knew that his skills were more valuable to the Mycelium team and he basically created a new role for himself within the company…as the Product Manager.  

Within the Mycelium team, Dimtry saw misused resources and clogged communication channels between departments and team members.  In order to be successful, these issues needed to be resolved and he knew what to do.  

Now as the Mycelium Product Manager, Dimtry has a lot more responsibility to promote and grow the company how he believes is the best way forward.  A recent press release informed the Bitcoin community that a “major update” was coming which would (hopefully) solidify Mycelium as the “Apple App Store for Crypto  financial tools”.  

With a new plugin-API platform, Bitcoin companies will now be able to plug directly into one of the most popular Bitcoin wallets available on the market and access to >250,000 users (aka potential clients).  

Imagine being able to log in to your Bitcoin wallet, and downloading different apps to best suit your own personal finance goals.  Maybe a budget app, or networth app or potentially additional security features.  It’s just like the Google Play or Apple App Store where the entrepreneurs and engineers of the Bitcoin community can build and offer amazing and convenient tools and apps.  


Mycelium Crowdsale

To fund the development of the new wallet API platform, Mycelium decided to hold a crowdsale where investors buy stock appreciation tokens which proves their ownership.  While this has been popular in the Cryto space (ie Ethereum, Augur, DAO, etc) it is very uncommon to provably own shares of a company.  Sorry standard stock/equity traders, you do NOT own those shares.  This is yet another way that crypto-currencies are providing additional security, privacy and accountability to the investment space.  

How do investors get paid or make money if they bought into the crowdsale?  Are they paid in dividends or is it only capital gains?  

Freedom Segment

“Everyone works from home, we collaborate via email and Skype, which gives everybody the ability to work on their on time, wherever they want to.”

“Being an Entrepreneur allows me to not just ride on the ship, but I’m actually steering the ship as a captain of industry”

“With my salary being in Bitcoin, I can take them and spend them anywhere in the world basically.  I can take all of my money, travel wherever I want to and work from wherever I want to.”  

One of the best ways to get noticed is to go to meetings, go to conferences, meetups, chat on Reddit and build a bulletproof reputation.  Your face will get recognized."

Build Freedom,

Contact Info:

Mycelium email: info@mycelium.com

Mycelium website: https://wallet.mycelium.com

Dmitry’s LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/dmitrymurashchik

Dmitry’s Email: rassah@mycelium.com