EP33: Marie McGrath - The Joy of Entrepreneurship

Marie McGrath hails from Panama City, Panama, and is the founder of The Joy of Fashion Blog, which she created in 2009.

She also has a TV show called LifeStyles, and blogs for MetCom – the largest producers of entertainment content in Panama. She loves fashion, and Oreo cookies.

We talk about why she started the Joy of Fashion Blog and how it transformed into a lifestyle blog, and the unique challenges of being a blogger in Panama.

Fashion, trends, and finding your personal style:

  • How does Marie work with brands who want to promote their products while keeping full authenticity to her fans?
  • How Marie promotes her content to build the large influence she has so far
  • How did Marie turn her blog into a TV show?
  • How does being a fashion Blog Entrepreneur bring freedom into Marie's life?

Select Quotes:

“People have that opportunity to create their dream job, you can do it. It isn't just words, I am actually living it. So it is pretty amazing.”

“I think that following trends is really overrated, because trends come and go. It's more important to have your own personal style that you live by and that you enjoy and that is original. And that's what really inspires people. You aren't following someone else's trend, you are creating your own trend.”

“Anything that you have in your closet, that you put on and don't feel good in it, you should get rid of it. You should only wear clothes that when you put it on you feel fabulous.”

Marie's motto: “Everyday is special, and everyday deserves a good outfit.”

“People really underestimate the affect that the physical image they portray has on how they feel.”

“To be number 1, you have to be an odd number, you have to be odd.”

Build Freedom,


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