EP30: Isaac Morehouse - Experience Based Education

The question “is college actually worth the cost” is now being asked by countless students and parents. What is the purpose of college in an age where everything is available online? What is the actual experience that you are paying for? Is it to learn a skill or is it mostly a sham?

This week’s guest, Isaac Morehouse, believes that there’s a better way and built a new type of educational opportunity that is founded in mentorship rather than studying for tests and going to class.

DiscoverPraxis.com gives students an opportunity to work along-side real entrepreneurs and see the day-to-day, inner workings of an actual company being built. This is actionable education that you simply cannot get by sitting in class for 6 hours/day.

Praxis = Combination of theory and practice

Will Isaac change your perspective on “education” vs “experience”? Do you go to college? If so, how valuable did you find it? Were you left with a large student debt bill at the end? Is there a better way….?

Favorite sections and quotes:

“Build an alternative! Stop arguing about why “higher education” sucks, but instead give them a choice of something different. If you can create value and can offer a better way, then people will want it.”

“Entrepreneurship is “philosophy in action, it’s applied philosophy”.

“Do you see yourself as Me Inc? You are your own company and brand. How can you increase the value you bring to others and how do you signal that to the market?”

Question (towards the end): What would the world look like if education was based on a mentorship or apprenticeship system rather than sitting at a desk, reading a book and regurgitating system?

Build Freedom,

Mentions and Resources

Capitalism and Freedom - Milton Friedman

The Road to Serfdom - F.A. Hayek

Praxgirl video series on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/praxgirl
Free e-book: The Future of School www.thefutureofschool.com
Contact information: Isaac Morehouse - isaac@discoverpraxis.com
Website - www.discoverpraxis.com