EP03: Gabe Rovick - Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and the Future of Media

Our guest today is Gabe Rovick, co-­owner and director at F4D Studio, also known as Focus 4 Design, a boutique production house located in Denver Colorado.

Gabe talks about going from inspiration to success, and shares his knowledge of drones in the media business. Check out our show notes below, and be sure to post any comments or questions you may have. Thanks for listening!

Key Segments

4:50 – Gabe gets inspiration to dream big working with celebrity photographer David LaChapelle

in LA http://www.davidlachapelle.com/

6:15 – starving artist gets job at restaurant, with commitment to self to get out of restaurant

industry as soon as possible

7:15 – Gabe sets monetary goal to transition from waiting tables to his business full time

8:15 – from empty warehouse to design studio

9:30 http://www.yogadownload.com/

10:00 http://www.icelanticskis.com/

10:05 http://www.childrenscolorado.org/

10:15 https://www.cobs.org/

10:25 http://www.skullcandy.com

10:45 Gabe admits where most of the revenue is invested in the business vs. paying himself

11:10 Start discussion about drones in the media business

11:45 How much does an octo­copter drone used for professional shoots cost?

12:26 – FAA has not finalized laws, how to operate in an unsure space?

13:10 – What is the process to go from Photography student to licensed sport pilot

15:55 Weed delivery by drone – https://trees.delivery/

16:10 – Gabe discusses some of his understanding of FAA regulations: note – not legal advice

16:40 – How many entities have a 333 exemption to commercially fly drones? How many people

will own drones by Christmas 2015?

16:50 – In media business, they are called UAV, not drones.

17:06 http://knowbeforeyoufly.org/ to get info on FAA regulations

18:10: What is a COA, and why are they needed for flying UAVs at events?


18:55 Registration of UAVs

22:00 Benefits of owning your own media company

24:20 Gabe's perspectives on mistakes in business and lifestyle

25:10 – On running a business and keeping passion in your lifestyle

26:30 How to achieve “Your job should be as cool as your friends think it is”

27:20 – Balancing a partnership in an artistic company

31:20 – How to incorporate your lifestyle design into your business

33:45 telling inspiring stories for a living

34:30 Tommy Caldwell, The Dawn Wall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLd_c4CjG44

35:45 Future of media, video, and advertising

36:00 Action Sports Videographers into Virtual Reality: http://brainfarmcinema.com/,


37:30 – Want to get into photography and cinematography? What camera should you start with?

38:25 – Lightning Round

If you have a story to tell, or new product or brand that you want to tell the world about, go to

www.f4dstudio.com and check out Gabe and Focus 4 Design.

Build Freedom,