EP25: B Byrne - Security in a World of Innovation

B Byrne is the founder and CEO of Clef, a password-free authentication startup. B was included as one of the top 30 entrepreneurs under 30 years old by Forbes.


Clef is currently in fund raising mode, and is looking for investors.

Also, anyone looking for engineering work in 4 to 6 months should reach out to B.How did B go from an English major to computer programming in college?

What is Clef?

What is it like being a young co-founder that saw recognition from Forbes for being a standout young entrepreneur?

How does being young and inexperienced enable B to do things that are totally different than what's being done before in the security industry?

“The advantage is I'm willing to do things in a way that's totally different than what's been done before, because I have no idea what's been done before.”

My founder super-power: I'm really good at asking for help.

What is start-up life in Oakland like?

After getting into the security industry, what have you learned that you are surprised more people don't know?

B warns against how a malicious app on an Android could potentially grab a key from a different app. This isn't possible on iOS.

Why is a phone a better place to store your private keys than your brain?

What is the “authentic computing revolution?” Why is this important for the IoT revolution?

“I think that the worst case scenario is that we get used to using our face to authenticate to things, and then every device has a camera, which checks our face against a central server of faces”

Who owns your identity when a machine can get your fingerprints from 20 feet away?

“It took so long to learn that there are no rules.”

“It's so easy to show up and do what's expected. Or what you think is expected. But in starting a company you only win when you do something new or interesting.”

“You can't follow anyone else at entrepreneurship, and end up at their same success. Once they've done it, its now not useful.”

“And the best founders I know... are the ones know know how to break rules.”

Best management book is Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull, President of Pixar http://www.creativityincbook.com

Build Freedom,


Website: www.getclef.com

Twitter: @iamb

Email: b@getclef.com