EP18: Martijn Wismeijer - Creating an Offshore Account in Your Body

Martijn started Mr. Bitcoin, a Dutch Bitcoin ATM provider, the Bitcoin Embassy in the Netherlands, one of the most successful bitcoin groups to date, and among many other things, became globally famous after having NFC chips implanted into his hands.

We talk about his first experiences with cryptocurrency, before bitcoin had been invented, quitting his job to become an entrepreneur on December 31, 1999, his experience, and recommendations after having the NFC chips implanted, and how to treat life as a party while still accomplishing your goals.

Martijn lives in the Netherlands, but joins us from the South of France where he spends his winters.

*Became interested in the early internet

Shared the floor with DigiCash, one of the first cryptographic coin systems at the time founded by David Chaulm, this got Martijn interested in crypto currencies before that word had been termed.

“As an entrepreneur, what attracted me to Bitcoin was that it allows everyone, everywhere to participate in a new global economy.'

2013 Started Mr. Bitcoin, set up the first bitcoin ATMs in Amsterdam https://mrbitco.in/

Started Bitcoin Embassy http://bitcoinembassyamsterdam.nl/ now with a few hundred bitcoin professionals are members

Most startups Martijn has been involved with had practically no money to start with. This is part of the challenge.

“Its most important that if you start a business, you shouldn't start it because you are after the money. You should start it because that is where your heart is.”

“As long as you focus on the goal you can party hard. Party, Party, Party, life is a party. But don't forget what the goal is.”

“Of course if you are an agile startup and don't have much money, you will need to learn WordPress and Ubuntu.

How to motivate people that work on your startup with you?

On Startups: “It isn't just build the app, and then they will come; it is build the app, and then the work starts.”

When did you realize you realize that you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

“Why am I working for a founder that has been dead for over 50 years, and why am I not doing this for myself?

Martijn tells of quitting his life as employee, and submitting his resignation letter on December 31, 1999.

Martijn tells of a mistake he made. Started Mobile internet development in 1997 / 98 – and was far too early to market.

Martijn relates his mistakes and how others can avoid being too early to market.

Martijn talks about his experience implanting two NFC Chips into his hands and the global news story that followed it from December 2014. Dangerous Things https://dangerousthings.com/

Creating an offshore account inside of your body.


“It was just logical thinking. Bitcoin is money without banks. Who is going to keep them safe? I think the best way to store them is inside your body. You create an offshore bank account in your body.”

“It redefines asset management. If people will be able to store information inside of them, it just changes everything. You can get a search warrant to search a house, but this doesn't necessarily give them the right to give you a body scan.”

The NFC chips are 868 bytes (868 characters) – when Martijn grew up, his Atari gaming station had less memory than each of his chip implants.

Was it painful? Would his primary doctor help him with implanting the chips?

Does Martijn recommend that you implant an NFC chip into yourself?

Martijn tool that helped him succeed: Automation

Entrepreneurial role models: Richard Branson (general business) and Gavin Andreeson and Erik Voorhees (in bitcoin world)

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Twitter: @twiet (tweet in dutch)