EP13: Mastering Bitcoin with Andreas M. Antonopoulos - How to create a huge brand and following

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a technologist and serial entrepreneur who has become one of the most well-known and well-respected figures in bitcoin.

He is the author of “Mastering Bitcoin”, published by O’Reilly Media and considered by many to be the best technical guide to bitcoin. As an engaging public speaker, teacher and writer,  Andreas makes complex subjects accessible and easy to understand. As an advisor, he helps startups recognize, evaluate, and navigate security and business risks.

As a bitcoin entrepreneur, Andreas has founded a number of bitcoin businesses and launched several community open-source projects. He is a widely published author of articles and blog posts on bitcoin, is a permanent host on the popular Let’s Talk Bitcoin Podcast, and a frequent speaker at technology and security conferences worldwide.

  • 01:24 Andreas talks about getting his first computer, and how that lead into bitcoin
  • 2:17 How Andreas took two skills, combined them, and built himself into a internationally recognized brand
  • 3:08 Integrity – a core principle, and required to build yourself a reputation
  • 3:40 Just don't sell out
  • 3:58 Andreas makes mistakes, but he believes in what he is doing.
  • 4:35 Andreas on public speaking – recognize that public speaking is it's own skill set
  • Similar to riding a bicycle – you must try in and fail
  • More than 50% of public speaking is performance art
  • Speak publicly as often as you can
  • 5:46 – How many public speeches has Andreas given before bitcoin? Probably over 1000 public talks, at this point, probably close to 2000.
  • 6:10 Real, actionable tips on how to rapidly improve your public speaking ability
  • 6:39 How to be passionate and eloquent when speaking publicly: honesty and vulnerability
  • 8:46: Becoming an entrepreneur out of personal experience.
  • 9:02 The first bitcoin related company Andreas started: a bitcoin price ticker that could pull price via an SMS
  • 9:15 The next bitcoin related company Andreas started: Andreas needed a better way to store bitcoin, he created better paper wallets, other people needed them, he sold paper wallets.
  • 9:23 Third Key Solutions: Another company Andreas started to solve a personal problem, that could then be commercialized https://www.thirdkey.solutions/
  • 9:53 “The best businesses happen by entrepreneurs who cannot let something go, who cannot sleep at night, cannot eat, cannot function, unless they solve this one thing. It becomes an obsession. And that's where the best ideas come from.” 8:58
  • 10:17 – Mastering Bitcoin - book by Andreas M Antonopoulos


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